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Rocky the Bear Foundation

Dedicated to The Welfare and Care of Rocky
and other Exotic Animals Living in Captivity

Regarding the tragedy with Randy’s cousin, Stephan Miller [ Rest in Peace 5/6/68 – 4/22/08 ], Rocky was doing what he was trained to do his entire life: staged attacks for film. This is why the incident was correctly deemed an accident by the authorities.

This organization helps Rocky and other exotic animals living in captivity.


Initially created for Rocky, a retired studio-trained grizzly bear known for the accidental death of Stephan Miller and for work in the Will Ferrell movie Semi Pro, we’ve now expanded this organization’s focus to help not only Rocky, but also to other exotic animals living in captivity.

The tragedy mentioned above was investigated and ruled an accident by the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office, the State of California, and the USDA. This is why Rocky was not put down and now needs care for the rest of his life.

National Geographic Grizzly Face to Face with Rocky the Bear

Full Show Aired Aug. 2010
Randy Miller is now left with a bear he raised from a cub, a creature he loves and an animal performer that may never work again. There’s another catch: Randy, for the first time in his career, is afraid. Drawing on a grizzly bear scientist, a Hollywood director, animal trainers and eyewitnesses, this video compares and contrast Rocky’s and another captive bears’ behavior and lifestyle with those of wild bears. The hidden dangers of working with large, unpredictable predators is expored, along with the issue of using wild animals for entertainment purposes.

Rocky in Semi Pro

Semi Pro Bear Wrestling Scene
Staring Rocky the Bear
Stunts – Randy Miller
Predators In Action

Meet Jurassic World's animal wrangler

Read The Guardian article about Randy’s work and how he schooled Chris Pratt, took a tiger bite for Russell Crowe – and lost a cousin to one of his grizzly bears.

About the Founder,
Randy Miller

Randy has retired from exotic animal training and supplying exotic animals to the entertainment Industry. His Predators in Action exotic animal stunts firm set the industry standard for animal action in the industry.

Randy’s worked with animals his whole life. Now, he dedicates his time  to this foundation, to the care of Rocky and all exotic animals in captivity. Visit his facebook page for Randy’s extensive work credits.

Watch for Randy’s autobiography to be published soon!

Fundraiser for Rocky!

We’re working on Rocky’s management and care program, including his feed/housing/insurance plus a public awareness campaign. We’re also in communication with exotic animal sanctuaries and other animal organizations in an effort to build Rocky a new habitat at a new location. There will be lots of traveling and various expenses incurred during this process. Please give Rocky a wonderful holiday gift today!